Meet Carolyn Muse, Volunteer Environmental Educator

by Carolyn Muse, Volunteer Environmental Educator

I received my first birding guide when I was eight years old and my first astronomy guide when I was nine. I have been immersed in building my science knowledgebase ever since then—I have two bachelor of science degrees, one in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences and one in Nutrition Science, both from Penn State University.

I decided to volunteer at Shaver’s Creek because I wanted to showcase my public speaking capabilities, receive hand-on experience working with raptors, and share my passion for birds in an informal setting.

To prepare for any upcoming presentation, I incorporate new material into my existing presentations (using note cards and prompts), make sure to notify my presentation partners if I am making any changes, relax my vocal cords (not talk much the day or night before!) and rehearse the show in my head.  The day of the presentation I make sure I am hydrated and relaxed.

The passion I exude during my presentations is natural, not rehearsed or staged. I love sharing my knowledge of nature with others. If you are passionate about what you do, your audiences will share your enthusiasm with you, as well as be more attentive to what you are presenting.

Yes, I used to be nervous about performing in front of a large crowd when I was a child. I was a shy, quiet child, but I was eager to learn new things and make the changes so I could thrive doing public presentations. I learned that my passion and enthusiasm quelled any fears that I had.

Volunteers at the raptor center go through several months of training to learn how to feed, do physical check-ups and prepare the raptors for presentations.

I enjoy reading, writing and blogging. My boyfriend, Bill, and I enjoy bicycling and watching old TV sitcoms such as The Honeymooners, Maude, Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens.  We are both avid walkers and Farmers’ Market attendees.

My music tastes are varied and eclectic. I am a classic rock fan, especially music from The Doors, Led Zeppelin and KISS. I also love late 1970s/early 1980s New Wave bands such as The Cars and Blondie. I enjoy classic jazz such as music from John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. Lately I have been tuned into bossa nova acts such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astrud Gilberto.

Not many people know that I was a musician when I was a preteen and teenager; I played clarinet in concert and marching bands as well as played baritone horn as a high school senior because the band did not have enough brass players.

I hope to continue on my capacity of as a volunteer environmental educator for many years to come.  I love what I do here.

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