There are many unique and interesting initiatives afoot at Shaver’s Creek that don’t fit nicely into a website category — so we offer them here for your possible interest. While these initiatives may connect to academic courses or public programs at times, they exist separately from those programs in most respects.

What these initiatives have in common is their reflection of Shaver’s Creek’s commitment to our mission and to being leaders in the environmental field. From our efforts to be a Zero Waste facility, to our work with native plants, to engaging artists and authors in long-term ecological reflections, Shaver’s Creek is building an elegant bridge to the natural world.

We have become a Zero Waste facility, where we reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost almost everything as we strive to eliminate material sent to the landfill.

The Shaver’s Creek Plant Science Program has brought renewed authenticity to both our managed landscape and wild surroundings, and educates students and the public about native plantings, invasive species management, sustainable forestry, and nontimber forest products.

Our Long-term Ecological Reflections Project seeks to engage writers, artists, and musicians to create and reflect on eight unique sites surrounding Shaver’s Creek over the course of a full century — to be woven together to tell the story of this place.

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