In order to protect our resident birds from the ongoing avian influenza outbreak, ALL visitors are required to use the disinfecting mats located at the main entrance of the Klingsberg Aviary. Thank you for doing your part to help our Avian Ambassadors stay safe and healthy! Learn more

COVID-19 and Camp

Camp is a community and we are so glad to have you as part of it. To help keep our community as safe as possible, it is highly recommended that each family do the following:

  • get the COVID-19 vaccine if able and be fully vaccinated by the start of the camp week

All staff members are required to be vaccinated.

What Does This Mean for Summer Camp?

Masking while at camp will be in accordance with Penn State’s current masking policy. Masks are strongly encouraged and highly recommended, regardless of vaccination status, when indoors at camp and riding in busses or vans.

Additional information that is applicable to the 2023 camp season will be posted as it becomes available. Contact Tesha “Skye” Omeis at with any questions related to this topic.