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Volunteers Needed: Shaver’s Creek Watershed Snapshot Sampling

When: September 28, 2019, 8:45 am – 4:00 pm
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Huntingdon County

Volunteers are needed to help collect water samples throughout the Shaver’s Creek Watershed. This is a collaborative effort between Penn State and Trout Unlimited. The goal is to assess the water quality of the watershed as well as develop a better understanding of its nutrient load and transport.

Sampling Day Schedule

8:00 am: Volunteers will meet at the Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center for training and a sampling overview.

9:30 am: Teams of at least two people will sample ~4 sampling sites. Directions and coordinates of each site will be provided.

2:00 pm: Teams will return to the Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center to turn in their samples and enjoy a free catered meal with the other volunteers.

Collected Samples Will Provide:

• Parameters such as temperature, pH, conductivity, etc…
• Anion Concentrations (NO₃-, SO₄²-…)
• Cation Concentrations (Fe, Ca, Mg…)
• Alkalinity/Buffering Capacity

Registration is closed for this event. Please contact Mike Forgeng for more information: