Festival Display

The Shaver’s Creek Traveling Naturalist festival display and show offers a great addition to outdoor shows, agricultural fairs, county and town festivals, and other community events. The display includes live reptiles, amphibians, and birds of prey native to Pennsylvania, and can include many hands-on props, including mammal pelts, turtle shells, and animal skulls, as well as educational activities such as mammal scat identification. Throughout the scheduled time of the fair or festival, Shaver’s Creek staff will offer short animal programs geared toward all ages.

The layout of our Traveling Naturalist display can be flexible and designed to fit the available space.

The cost for scheduling a Shaver’s Creek Traveling Naturalist display is based on the hourly rate for Traveling Naturalist Programs ($150 for one hour, $75 for each additional hour), plus the current round-trip mileage fee for between the center and the site.

If you’re interested in scheduling a festival display and show, please see how to schedule a Traveling Naturalist Program.

Penn State students admire a great-horned owl at the HUB

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