Field Trips

Students on a field trip examine a tree stump

Let nature inspire your learners!

Educational field trips to Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center augment your classroom’s curricula. With guidance from our trained environmental education staff, your students will interact with one another and the natural world. Witness your class or homeschool group gaining respect for the flora and fauna of Pennsylvania through exploring the trails around our Center and interacting with our resident animals.

Each interdisciplinary lesson in our curriculum-focused programs include numerous possibilities for learning in the STEM fields. All trips are thoroughly planned with a Shaver’s Creek program director before your arrival so that your experience meets your expectations.

Programs can be adapted to fit the needs of your group based on curriculum, age range, etc. All educational field trips align with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and for Science and Technology, which students are currently being tested on by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Grant information for field trips is available through the Pennsylvania Environmental Education Grants Program.

Types of Educational Field Trips at Shaver’s Creek

Follow these links to learn more about field trip programs at Shaver’s Creek:

How to Schedule a Field Trip

Shaver’s Creek will be undergoing exciting renovations from August 2016 to the summer of 2017. Unfortunately, during this time we will not be able to host school groups for onsite field trips. We are excited to welcome schools back in the spring of 2018 with an updated slate of field trip opportunities. (For more information on our building project, please visit

For more information or to schedule a field trip to Shaver’s Creek, contact:

  • Jen Steigerwalt for Discovery Walks, Guided Nature Center Visits, and Secondary School Visits
  • Marie Taylor for Unguided Nature Center Visits

Field Trip Fees

For all field trips, one teacher/chaperone is required per ten students (two adults per ten students are suggested for preschool- through kindergarten-age children).

Discovery Walks and Guided Nature Center Visits

Three-Hour Programs
Cost per student: $6
Required chaperones: Free
Cost per additional adult over the required chaperones: $6

Four-Hour Programs
Cost per student: $7
Required chaperones: Free
Cost per additional adult over the required chaperones: $7

Minimum fee per visit: $100

Secondary School Visits

Contact Shaver’s Creek for more information.

Unguided Nature Center Visits

Organized groups of 12 or more participants must call in advance to schedule a visit to ensure that the facility is available. A fee of $2 per person for anyone age 3 and over will be charged, and must be paid at the time of the visit. Days and hours for these visits are limited due to the programming being offered through Shaver’s Creek. If your group needs a room or covered outdoor space at Shaver’s Creek, please contact us to inquire about availability. Please contact Marie Taylor at 814-865-3880 to schedule a visit for your group!

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