Please check the Penn State Health Guidelines page for the latest information about masking and the University’s ongoing COVID-19 response.


Penn State Positions

There are currently no open Penn State positions.

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Americorps Positions

There are currently no open Americorps positions.

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Work-Study is a Federal student financial aid program for Penn State undergraduate and graduate students that allows you to earn money to help cover nonbillable educational expenses by working within your college or campus, University office, or at an off-campus, nonprofit organization. Shaver’s Creek Work-Study positions may be available for students, depending on our seasonal need! Please visit the Work-Study page for more information on the types of positions that are available and how you can apply.

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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students may be interested in looking into Graduate Assistantships at Shaver’s Creek. These are typically quarter-time or half-time positions with a tuition waiver and stipend. For more information, visit the Graduate Student Opportunities page.

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