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Become an Honorary Animal Caretaker

Providing a high quality of life to our animals is a top priority at Shaver’s Creek, but is very resource intensive. By becoming an Honorary Animal Caretaker, you sponsor the daily care, training, and educational presentation of our resident animals. 

Benefits for the Animals

The Honorary Animal Caretaker program allows you to support:

  • Environmental needs — heating, lighting, water, and exhibit maintenance
  • Nutrition — species-specific diets
  • Enrichment — species-specific stimuli to encourage natural behaviors
  • Training — using positive reinforcement to prepare our animals for their jobs as conservation ambassadors for their species
  • Education — supporting free programs such as Meet the Creek and Good Raptornoon

Benefits for You

As an Honorary Animal Caretaker, you receive:

  • Information packet about your sponsored animal including photo, case history, and conservation connection activities
  • Private tour of the Raptor Aviary and Litzinger Discovery Room, with a focus on your sponsored animal
    • 1 tour (immediate family or up to four people) for a one-month sponsorship
    • 4 seasonal tours (up to 15 people each tour) for a one-year sponsorship
  • Your name on the Honorary Animal Caretaker page
  • Charitable donation letter for tax purposes