In order to protect our resident birds from the ongoing avian influenza outbreak, ALL visitors are required to use the disinfecting mats located at the main entrance of the Klingsberg Aviary. Thank you for doing your part to help our Avian Ambassadors stay safe and healthy! Learn more

Report an Animal that Needs Help

Shaver’s Creek is an education facility that works with non-releasable animals with disabilities, but we cannot accept injured or orphaned animals.

Within Central Pennsylvania

Centre Wildlife Care founder Robyn Graboski with a rehabilitated skunk

If you find an injured animal within central Pennsylvania, please contact the local licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Centre Wildlife Care, at 814-692-0004.

Centre Wildlife Care is a 501c3 charity that is licensed by the Game Commission, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Fish and Boat Commission to care for compromised wild animals until they can be released into the wild.

Outside of Central Pennsylvania

If you find an injured animal outside of central Pennsylvania, refer to the list of Pennsylvania Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators (PDF).