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Mailing Address:

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center
3400 Discovery Road
Petersburg PA 16669-2114

Penn State Campus Mailing:

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center
Main Building

Phone: 814-863-2000
Fax: 814-865-2706 (Please note: summer camp registrations must be faxed to the number on the camp registration form, not this number.)

“I found an injured animal. Help!”

Please contact the local licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Centre Wildlife Care, at 814-692-0004.

Camping at Stone Valley Recreation Area

For information on cabin rentals, lake activities, and other programs, visit the Stone Valley Recreation Area website. Stone Valley can be contacted by phone at 814-863-1164.

Stone Valley Forest

Information about public use of the 7,000 acre Stone Valley Forest can be found at Questions should be directed to or Joe Harding, Director of Forestlands at Penn State.

Specific Program Contact Information

If you have a question about one of our programs and can’t find the appropriate contact information below, please email, and we’ll try to connect you to the appropriate staff member. For specific programs, please address correspondence to the appropriate contact below.

Area of Interest Contact Name Contact Title
General Information
/ Program Registration
/ Facility Rentals/ Memberships/ Bookstore
Marie Taylor Administrative Assistant
Non-credit Programs / Financial and Administrative Inquiries
Nikki Houck Administrative Assistant
Penn State Courses Ruth Parson Administrative Assistant
Marketing/Website Joshua Potter Marketing Coordinator
Outdoor School Ellen Will Program Director
School Field Trips Lucy McClain Program Director
Summer Camps Tesha Omeis Discovery/Explorer Camp Director
Team-building/Team Development Center Chris Ortiz Program Director
Maple Harvest Festival Laurie McLaughlin Program Director
Fall Harvest Festival Tesha Omeis Festival Coordinator
Internships Doug Wentzel Program Director
The Birding Cup Mark McLaughlin Director
Public Programs Jennifer Anderson Public Programs Coordinator
Raptor Center
/Animal Questions
Jason Beale
Jon Kauffman
Program Director / Asst. Program Director
/Payroll Deduction
Rob Butler Assistant Director of Development
PR Contact Matt Caracappa PR Contact
All Other Inquiries General Inquiries

Photo Share

Have any photos you’d like to share from a recent visit to Shaver’s Creek or of any tricky plants or animals you need help identifying? Submit them on our Photo Share page.

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