Support Shaver’s Creek

Thank you for your interest in supporting Shaver’s Creek! There are several ways to provide support. First and foremost, we hope you decide to support us by becoming a member.

  • A toddler's mom helps him eat an ice cream cone during a Shaver's Creek event Become a Member - Our members are what make our organization and mission thrive!
  • A volunteer applying a fresh coat of black paint to a wall Volunteer - Volunteering your time and energy is another great way to support Shaver’s Creek.

Additional Methods of Support


Our largest annual fundraiser is the Birding Cup on the first Saturday in May when teams compete to identify the most bird species in a 24-hour period. The teams raise pledges per species that they have seen. Contributors can make a donation directly to Shaver’s Creek at any level they choose or can pledge a particular team’s number of species identified.

Donations and Bequests

In addition to volunteering your time and energy, individuals and organizations may donate directly to Shaver’s Creek to support any of our programs or improvements to our grounds and facilities. To donate to Shaver’s Creek online, go to

If you are interested in giving a bequest or starting an endowment, please contact Rob Butler, our development officer, at 814-865-8283.

Honorary Animal Caretaker Program

People are also welcome to support an individual animal at the center through our Honorary Animal Caretaker Program. Caretakers will receive special information on the animal that they sponsor. Contact us for more information.

Alumni Interest Group (AIG)

Shaver’s Creek has several endowments, including the Endowment for Shaver’s Creek that supports the center itself and another endowment that supports our Raptor Center. Contributions to grow these endowments over time are welcome. You are invited to establish new endowments that will enhance our programming and facilities in support of our mission. For more on establishing an endowment, go to