The Visitor Center at Shaver's Creek will be closed from December 20, 2021, through January 26, 2022.

Bring Shaver’s Creek Activities into Your Home or Classroom

Discover new ways to connect to the natural world from your home or classroom! These activities make it easy to bring a little bit of what we do at Shaver’s Creek to children of all ages with easily accessible materials. The guidelines and videos were created by Shaver’s Creek staff, Environmental Education interns and undergraduate students who are actively learning how to create and deliver experiences to help people engage with nature. Check back regularly for new activities.

  • An eastern newt in its natural habitat Amphibian Habitat Search - Recommended for: Grade 3
    Estimated time: 10 minutes
    Amphibians need to live in a place that is cool and wet. Follow the prompts to try to find the best spot for an amphibian to live.
  • frog Amphibian Life Cycle Adventures - Recommended for: Grade 3
    Estimated time: 10–20 minutes
    Choose your own adventure by doing one or more activities to explore an amphibian's life cycle!
  • House Finch Backyard Birdwatch - Recommended for: Grade 4
    Estimated time: 45 minutes
    Learn about how birds use their beaks and try to find birds in your backyard or neighborhood!
  • Kelly Gray discussing biodiversity Biodiversity Seek - Recommended for: Grades K–5
    Estimated time: 15 minutes
    Take a deeper look at local green spaces while learning more about the living things that call it home.
  • Eastern Comma butterfly from coloring book Butterfly Coloring Book - Our coloring book includes 17 families of Pennsylvania butterflies for kids to express their creativity.
  • Assembling materials to make a greenhouse in a jar. Greenhouse in a Jar - Recommended for: Grades K–12+
    Estimated time: 15 minutes
    This activity will give your student an inside look at seed growth; a process which usually happens underground.
  • Building a mini watershed in the backyard Mini Watersheds - Recommended for: Grade 4
    Estimated time: 20–25 minutes
    Use natural objects in your backyard to build a mini watershed and explore how water moves through different landscapes!
  • Seeking Caterpillars Seeking Caterpillars - Recommended for: Grade 1
    Estimated time: 15 minutes
    Transform into American Robins and test your eyesight as you search for camouflaged food... caterpillars!
  • You can use a weather journal to record observations about the weather Weather Watchers - Recommended for: Grades K–5
    Estimated time: 10 minutes daily
    Observe the weather and record observations using a weather chart, weather bingo card, and/or weather journal!

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