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Located in the heart of central Pennsylvania, Shaver’s Creek has been connecting people to people and people to place since 1976. We provide educational and recreational opportunities for families, schools, corporate groups, and Penn State students. Come hike a trail, see live animals up close, learn about conservation, and enjoy our programs.

Shaver’s Creek is committed to extending Penn State’s Outreach mission of instruction, service, and research. Through quality programs, we teach, model, and provide the knowledge, values, skills, experiences, and dedication that enable individuals and communities to achieve and maintain harmony between human activities and the natural systems that support all living species.

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A View from Inside a Barn Owl Nest Box

Barn owl (Tyto alba) populations in North America have been declining rapidly for the past two decades primarily due to limited accessibility of hollow trees, old barns, silos and suitable grassland habitat. Other reasons for declining barn owl populations include: use of pesticides and rodenticides, predation by great horned owls and suburban expansion. The barn…