Remembering Rufous

During Rufous’ long career as an ambassador for his species, he touched the lives of thousands. His calm, curious nature and willingness to engage with training sessions made him a wonderful feathered teacher to aspiring animal trainers.

Celebrate Owls That Call Central Pennsylvania Home This OWLtober at Shaver’s Creek!

Join us this OWLtober as we celebrate these remarkable creatures and their superpowers! Beginning Saturday, October 7, our aviary programs will explore what it means to be an owl and offer an opportunity to get to know the owls that call Shaver’s Creek home.

Remembering Cosmo

They say good things come in small packages. In this case, they also came with soft, white feathers and a sweet apple-shaped face.

Nocturnally Migrating Birds Chirping and Peeping over Shaver’s Creek

A little plastic bucket sat on the roof of the Center this September and October, holding a microphone pointed at the sky. Nocturnal sounds were recorded to contribute to an Appalachian-wide study of fall bird migration run by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology researcher Benjamin Van Doren.

Mark W. McBride Awarded the Fischer Award of Distinction for Shaver’s Creek Endowment

A longtime friend and generous supporter of Shaver’s Creek, Mark McBride was recently chosen as the recipient of the 2022 Fischer Award of Distinction. The Fischer Award of Distinction recognizes friends, donors, alumni, and volunteers who have distinguished themselves through extraordinary service to advance the Penn State Outreach and Online Education (OOE) mission.