Camp Registration

Camp purchases are limited to one week per child.

Camp Preregistration

All camp spots for the 2024 season are filled. Please check back in the winter for information about registration for the 2025 camp season.

Parents/guardians should collect the following information before beginning the preregistration process:

  • Camper health history
  • Emergency contact names and phone numbers
  • Contact information for any/all adults who are authorized to transport your child(ren) to and from camp

Please allow for 10–15 minutes/child to complete the required forms. You may preregister more than one child during the same transaction. While there is no cost associated with preregistration, you must checkout with a “zero” cost to submit your forms.

Preregistration does not guarantee your child a spot in camp, but must be completed in order to be eligible for camp registration. We encourage you to check camp availability at the registration link below before beginning the preregistration process to confirm that your intended spaces are available.

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Camp Registration

All camp spots for the 2024 season are filled. Please check back in the winter for information about registration for the 2025 camp season.

All campers must complete Summer Camp Preregistration (required youth program forms) before they will be eligible to register for camp. 

Member Discount: If you’re not a member, join today to receive discounts on camp registration. Membership purchases and preregistration must be completed in separate transactions.

Before you register: do you know your username and password from last year? You’ll need to login to your membership to register for camp if you want to receive your membership discount. Reset your password or read our Frequently Asked Questions about Registration for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

What camp benefits do I receive if I become a member?

Members can join anytime and receive access to an early, member-only registration period for camp. In addition, members receive 15% off camp prices. Please note that because memberships are a donation, we are unable to refund them, even if you were unable to get into your preferred camp week. Please visit our membership page for additional information on becoming a member.

What information will I need to fill out my camper’s forms?

During Summer Camp Preregistration, you will be required to fill out the Penn State Youth Program Consent for Treatment form — this is mandatory for all youth programs at Penn State. Along with general health-related questions, you will need to provide emergency contact name(s) and phone number(s), and the name of your family physician. 

In addition, you will need to read and consent to the camp-specific field trip form and/or risk waivers (if applicable), provide names and phone numbers of individuals who are authorized to drop off/pick up your child, and, if applicable, complete the self-transportation consent form for older campers.

It is recommended that you complete Preregistration before Camp Registration opening day as our camps tend to fill quickly and you will need time to fill out the required information.

Please note that you will need your username and password to log in to your membership account and complete registration during the members-only period. See below for more details.

What is my new username and password?

For all new accounts, if you have purchased a membership and need to access your username and password, please follow the reset prompts below:

  1. Click here for Recover Password page
  2. Enter your email address in the Email Address field and click Continue.
  3. Follow directions on the password reset email you receive.
  4. Make a note of your username and password.
  5. To change your username and/or password, login to your account and select the “profile” tab at the top right.

How do I access my account?

You will be prompted to log in when you preregister or register for camp. If you need to access your account at any other time, please visit your account login page.

Why aren’t my children/spouse showing up in my profile?

We are working hard to determine a solution to this, but for now as long as you entered additional members when you purchased your membership, your account should be all set for camp/program registration, and your family will receive membership benefits. If you entered an email address for your spouse/partner, they can follow the prompts above to access their account. If you did not enter all additional members, or if you do need to make adjustments, please contact the membership coordinator to make those changes.

To see everyone included on your membership, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to your account (if you are having trouble, please follow the password reset instructions found on your membership receipt, or on our membership page)
  2. Click on the “registrations” tab at the top of the page
  3. You should see your current membership listed. Click on “view details” which should list everyone you included on your membership.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are switching camp weeks or from one program to another, within the same camp season, the amount you have already paid will be credited in full towards your new week/program of camp. Any difference in the amount owed towards the program will be made at the time of the switch. If there is a difference that is owed to the family, that amount will be refunded in full. If you are dropping out of or canceling [participation in] a camp program before or on May 15, you will receive a partial refund for half of the amount that you paid. If you are dropping out of or cancelling [participation in] a camp program after May 15, including during the week of the program as it is happening, no refund will be given for any amount that was paid.

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