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Shaver’s Creek is your nature center. Membership is a great way to stay connected to the Creek while helping us to sustain our efforts to bring high-quality programs, camps, courses, and festivals to central Pennsylvania. Membership contributions allow us to keep admission to our facility FREE for visitors and help support many free public programs throughout the year. Membership also helps us to care for our raptors and other animals, and maintain our facility and trails. Please note that membership fees are nonrefundable.

Renewing your membership

To renew your membership for the upcoming year, please log in to your existing account and select the “renew” option under the  “summary” tab. Your new membership will take effect on the day immediately following your current expiration date.

New member and registration system

Members at the Cast of Falcons level and above can take advantage of early summer camp registration at a discounted rate in February. Please walk through the membership process carefully and be sure to add all people — including spouses and children — you would like to be reflected for the year. You will not be able to make changes on your own once you complete the checkout process. For future changes, you must contact the membership/registration coordinator, Marie Taylor, at 814-865-3880, or wait until the next member renewal period.

Choose a membership level below to get started!

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Find answers to account-related questions.

Shaver’s Creek “Raptor Flight” Membership Levels

In addition to the immense benefit that your support provides for Shaver’s Creek, all members receive:

  • reduced fees on select workshops and programs
  • 10% discount on purchases from the bookstore and gift shop at Shaver’s Creek
  • discounts on tickets to our Maple Harvest Festival
  • satisfaction that comes from expressing a personal environmental ethic
  • membership privileges at hundreds of other Association of Nature Center Administrators (ANCA) Member Centers around North America

Cast of Falcons – $35/year

Cast of Falcons image

The Cast of Falcons is our basic membership for individuals and families. Additional benefits starting at this “Flight” include:

  • discounts and an early registration period for our Summer Camps
  • our periodic print newsletter, Shavings

Join the Cast

Kettle of Hawks – $120/year

Join the Kettle image

For just $10 a month, a member in this “Flight” can support all of our quality programs and receive all the same benefits as Falcons, plus:

  • invitation to our annual Director’s Appreciation Dinner in the fall

Join the Kettle

Parliament of Owls – $365/year

Parliament of Owls image

For a $1 per day, members at this level receive all of the Hawk benefits, plus the option to:

  • join the Parliament of Owls book club and receive exclusive items, such as signed copies and limited editions of books from local authors

Join the Parliament

Aerie of Eagles – $1,000/year

Aerie of Eagles image

Members in the “Aerie,” or high-nesting home of eagles, receive all of the Owl benefits, as well as:

  • the option to participate in personalized programs developed for them by the staff of Shaver’s Creek
  • an opportunity to meet visiting “LTERPreters” for Shaver’s Creek’s Creek Journals project

Contributors to our new building fund at amounts over $1,000 may also receive membership in the Aerie. Please contact for more details.

Join the Aerie

What is my username and password?

If you have purchased a membership and need to access your username and password, please follow the reset prompts below:

  1. Visit the Recover Password page
  2. Enter your email address in the Email Address field and click Continue.
  3. Follow directions on the password reset email you receive.
  4. Make a note of your username and password.
  5. To change your username and/or password, login to your account and select the “profile” tab at the top right.

Why aren’t my children/spouse showing up in my profile?

We are working hard to determine a solution to this, but for now as long as you entered additional members when you purchased your membership, your account should be all set for camp/program registration, and your family will receive membership benefits. If you entered an email address for your spouse/partner, they can follow the prompts above to access their account. If you did not enter all additional members, or if you do need to make adjustments, please contact the membership coordinator to make those changes.

To see everyone included on your membership, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to your account (if you are having trouble, please follow the password reset instructions found on your membership receipt, or on our membership page)
  2. Click on the “registrations” tab at the top of the page
  3. You should see your current membership listed. Click on “view details” which should list everyone you included on your membership.

Shaver’s Creek Membership Year

Our membership year operates on a relative date cycle, valid for one year based on when you purchase your initial or renewed membership.

Endowment Giving

Members are always welcome to “round up” their contribution by giving above and beyond any of the suggested membership levels and add that amount to our endowment for long-term support of the organization. After purchasing your membership online, click the “Donate Now” button to choose your round-up amount to become a part of our annual income — forever! Simply choose “Endowment” from the “Donation Type” pull-down menu.

Alternate Ways to Become a Shaver’s Creek Member

To renew your membership or become a member, please click a membership level button to renew, join, or give online. You may also become a member using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or payroll deduction (for Penn State employees) by calling our Development Office at 814-863-8790. If online registration is not possible for you, contact to request a printable membership form.