In order to protect our resident birds from the ongoing avian influenza outbreak, ALL visitors are required to use the disinfecting mats located at the main entrance of the Klingsberg Aviary. Thank you for doing your part to help our Avian Ambassadors stay safe and healthy! Learn more

Our Honorary Caretakers

Thanks to our inaugural group of honorary animal caretakers, who are helping us provide a comfortable and enriching environment for our resident animals and educational animal programs for the public.

Annual Caretakers

The Henry Family

Beth Glasser

Robert Van Druff

Jen DeCecco, Matt Marshall, Sam, and Ellie

Owen Leason

Kimberly McGinnis

Join our flock of annual honorary caretakers!

Monthly Caretakers

Marianne Grabowski

Alexis Capel

Michael Acquaviva

Jennifer Tucker

Alex and Sofia Zacharia

The Horton Family

Alexzander Eckenrode

Join our flock of monthly honorary caretakers!