Picnic Areas

There are few things better than taking an excursion with your family to have a picnic in nature. Here are a few spots we suggest stopping at when you visit Shaver’s Creek! Please note that Shaver’s Creek programs and events take priority use of these areas. Call ahead if you want to check availability.

The front yard and outdoor classroom: Enjoy your picnic atop our beautiful, Amish-crafted hardwood tables. One series of tables sits along the west edge of the front yard, while the outdoor classroom provides the perfect protection from sunlight or rain.

There are several covered structures scattered throughout our trails. One spot with an excellent view is halfway along our Point Trail, where you will find our “Sunset Pavilion” on the shore of Lake Perez. If you prefer to be more nestled in the woods, you might try the “Fox’s Den” pavilion near our Sugar Shack. Visit our Hiking Trails page for a trail map.

The boardwalk provides a fantastic view of Lake Perez at ground level, whether you’re sitting on a bench or dangling your feet off the edge.

If you plan to bring a picnic to Shaver’s Creek, we challenge you to make it a Zero Waste Picnic!

Additional tables and pavilions may be available at the Stone Valley Recreation Area — a short walk from the boardwalk along the Lake Trail.

Note: Shaver’s Creek does not offer food or drink for purchase at this time.

For more information or to check picnic area availability, please call 814-863-2000.