Trout Lily, Rue Anemone, and Marsh Marigold are in bloom!

With the unseasonably warm temperatures that have descended upon the region many wildflowers have come into bloom over the past week. Today Trout Lily and Rue Anemone are blooming on the slope to the left of the trail heading to the point. According to John Eastman in The Book of Forest and Thicket, Trout Lily colonies can be a century old or older making them longer lived then some of the surrounding trees. Marsh Marigold is blooming along the Black Walnut trail. The Marigold along the boardwalk appears to be getting ready to bloom soon, along with Wood Anemone and Dwarf Ginseng.

Some of the planted wildflowers around the Center are also in bloom, including Blue Cohosh and Virginia Bluebells.

On a side note I heard a Red Shouldered Hawk calling down over the lake

      – Mark Garner, Penn State student/Shaver’s Creek Society President
Photos: Marsh Marigold, Spring Beauty, Trout Lily, Rue Anemone