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Season’s End – Spring 2010

The spring interns were hard at work in their final week at Shaver’s Creek; backpacking, teaching, and practicing animal handling.

Pictured are:

1) (clockwise) Lauren Chain, Ryan Elliot, Ashley Williams, Lauren Seiler, Alyssa Thiel, and Lisa Scarbrough at the start of their backpacking course over Memorial Day weekend.  The interns (and friends) hiked and camped in Rothrock State Forest to practice applying Leave No Trace principles with Trainer Rob Andrejewski.

2) Lauren Seiler presents the American kestrel for campers at Camp Blue Diamond on June 1st.  This was her last Bird of Prey show as a Shaver’s Creek intern.

3) Alyssa Thiel presents the eastern screech owl at the same Bird of Prey show.  Alyssa will rejoin the staff of Shaver’s Creek in September.

4) Brock Benson presents the barn owl.  Brock, a work-study student, will be also working at Shaver’s Creek over the course of the summer.

5) Lisa Scarbrough presents the great horned owl.  Lisa is staying on as a summer intern at Shaver’s Creek.

The final three pictures show Lauren Seiler, Lisa Scarbrough, and Alyssa Thiel with the golden eagle.  Handling permission was granted by Doug Steigerwalt on June 2nd, the final day of the Spring 2010 internship.  What a way to end the season!