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The Big Sit! at Shaver’s Creek

Happy 10.10.10!!

Come join us on the Shaver’s Creek boardwalk today for the Big Sit!

We’ll be counting as many bird species as we can (and total numbers, too, for our eBird tracking) during this 24-hour period.

Doug Wentzel kicked off the count with some owling after midnight early this morning. By 6:30 a.m. Corky and I will be setting up a scope and our parabolic digital recorder for folks to check out when they come visit.

We’ll be there all morning, and most of the afternoon. If you plan to stay awhile, bring your binoculars and a comfortable chair. If you stop by and we happen to be away from the circle, I will leave a clipboard for you to let us know you were there, and what you saw during your visit!

We hope to see you out!

Happy birding,
Joshua Potter

The Big Sit At Shaver’s Creek
Sunday, October 10, 12:00 a.m.–11:59 p.m.
Cost : Free (Just lend us your eyes and ears!)

The Big Sit! is an annual, international, noncompetitive birding event hosted by Bird Watcher’s Digest and founded by the New Haven (CT) Bird Club. Bird watchers from around the globe unite on this special day by creating a real or imaginary circle 17 feet in diameter to sit inside for 24 hours, counting all the bird species they see or hear. Shaver’s Creek’s circle on 10/10/10 will be on the observation deck of our boardwalk. The public is invited to join our staff for any length of time to try and see or hear as many bird species as possible. Bring a comfortable chair and some snacks if you plan to stay awhile! We’ll have some spotting scopes and binoculars to borrow.