Days 4-6 of the Block Trip

The middle segment of the trip has been busy!  Read on to catch up on our travels and see some pictures of the fun.

On Thursday we left Hulbert and drove to Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park where we went back in time to 1890.  We did everything from making a home cooked dinner (lunch), making butter from the cream of the Jersey cows, mucking some stalls, doing laundry with a washboard and ringer, and then retiring to the sitting room to have some conversation and sewing.  We thought we might get hit by a snow storm so by late afternoon we headed to D Acres in Dorchester, NH where we spent the night…we once again skirted the snow storm and never saw a flake.

The food and company of D Acres was extremely enjoyable and top notch.  It was so nice to come in, warm up by the woodstove and sip on some tea while the smell of our farmer’s dinners wafted into the room.  On Friday morning we had a lovely tour of the farm discovering ways to return to the land and practice sustainability in everything we do.  We then piled in the vans to make the trek to Boston, where we toured the New England Aquarium for the day.  Our biggest challenge was parking.  We arrived to Boston the day after they had just been hit by snow, so there was hardly any parking—especially for our big white vans.  It took a little time, but it all worked out.  By five o’clock we had finished at the aquarium and walked to Quincy Market (next to Faneuil Hall), where each of us enjoyed our own guilty pleasures.  There were lobsters, chowders, fish and chips, burgers, organic macaroni and cheese, fruit smoothies, chocolate, and much, much more!  The drive to our next stop, The Boston Nature Center, was only a couple of miles away!  It was a hidden gem with 67 acres of green space right in the heart of the city.

Saturday we toured their green building, then drove to Cape Cod!  We arrived early enough to take walks on the beach, bird, or catch up on reading, sleeping or journaling.  Whatever it may have been, it was a great afternoon to catch our breath, find everything we may have lost in the vans during our travels and regroup for the last third of the trip here on the Cape.

On Sunday we will spend the day with Peter Trull and walk to Race Point Lighthouse