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Welcome back to Shaver’s Creek and Kids Corner this Wednesday (Feb 16th)



This Wednesday, Shaver’s Creek will open our doors to the public for our spring 2011 season! The flowers will be blooming soon (hopefully), the trees will be budding and the animals will soon be crawling, flying and gliding about.

What does this mean for Shaver’s Creek? We have been busy (like the bees that you will soon be able to see out of the center window when it warms up) getting prepared for YOU! Starting this coming Wednesday, February 16th, the curtains will be up and the sunlight shinning in to welcome you to the spring 2011 season. This first day is filled with birds, humans and trees awaiting your arrival. New smiley staff faces will be here to greet you and the warmth of the sun will lead the way.

If you have a child between the ages of 3-5, stop by the center at 10AM for the first Kid’s Corner of the season. Our theme this time around is EARTH and we have five amazing weeks planned for you and your toddler or pre-school aged child to enjoy. This week the “E” will stand for elements, and we will discover the interconnections of air, earth, water and fire! We will venture on a small hike to enjoy the outdoors, be crafty, play a few games and sing our hearts out. Come join in on the fun!

Until then,
Tori, Spring 2011 Intern