To accommodate construction, Shaver's Creek Environmental Center will be closed Tuesday, May 28, through Thursday, May 30.

Shaver’s Creek Green Team

Although Shaver’s Creek has always strived to be on the frontier of environmental sustainability, this past fall we have officially joined Penn State’s Green Team Initiative, headed by the Office of Sustainability.  Green Teams are formed by a group of staff members in any given department on campus who want to help make their organization more energy efficient and sustainable. This can be done through a variety of ways including the Green Paws Program. Currently Shaver’s Creek is Green Paws Level 1 Certified and we are working toward Level 2 Certification.

As part of our Green Team Initiative we have partnered with the Office of Physical Plant and are taking part in the NO CAN DO project.  As part of the No Can Do program Shaver’s Creek now has a large compster and we are able to compost more than ever before, including wax paper board, meat, bones and even tissues! Our next step is to remove our dumpster altogether. In addition, we are striving for zero-waste by using reusable products such as glass tupperware, buying in bulk and limiting and reusing paper products as much as possible. We also use reduced waste catering companies such as Benjamin’s Catering for on-site programs.

You Can Help!
Strive for zero-waste while at Shaver’s Creek, at home and at school!
While enjoying our facilities always bring a waste free lunch or snack with reusable containers, cloth napkins and save food scraps for the compost. We also strive for zero-food waste, meaning we try to eat all that we pack or put on our plates to avoid any food being wasted, we ask that you do the same! All of us at Shaver’s Creek hope you can join us in the zero-waste challenge. See you this spring!

Chrysalis Spring 2011 Intern