In order to protect our resident birds from the ongoing avian influenza outbreak, ALL visitors are required to use the disinfecting mats located at the main entrance of the Klingsberg Aviary. Thank you for doing your part to help our Avian Ambassadors stay safe and healthy! Learn more

Bats are Back!

As spring has arrived there are lots of exciting reemerging flora and fauna to find including bats! Here at Shaver’s Creek we have 10 bats boxes ranging in various sizes.These bats boxes serve as summer roosting homes for a number of different species of bats including little brown and big brown bats. Shaver’s Creek has been monitoring bat activity for a number of years and we have recorded up to 1500 bats in our boxes. We are continuing to monitor their arrival this season and have counted at least 35 bats so far this spring!

The presence of bats in the spring and summer is greatly appreciated as they eat thousands of insects each night.Their conservation is vitally important to the balance of our ecosystem and we hope you join us in our conservation efforts. Bats are truly one of our favorite mammals of the night and we are very excited to see them back for the season! Visit the Pennsylvania Game Commission website for more information.