Kids Corner is BACK!

As another leaf falls and fades away, so does the memories of another Fall Harvest Festival. Although this years’ Fall Harvest Festival is a result of many years of refining, various autumn, harvest, or Halloween celebrations have been going on at Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center for over 20 years. To say the least, I think this year was a success! Well over 1,000 people partook in the fall festivities; 700 of which walked down our Children’s Halloween Trail to Explore the Night in the Light. Visitors enjoyed Bird of Prey shows, a singing pumpkin, pumpkin carving, kettle corn, learning to make apple cider, live music, and fun kid games in addition to what Shaver’s Creek offers every day of the week. It was a success, and I hope you adored your time at the Fall Harvest Festival if you were able to visit. If you missed this fall celebration, keep your eyes out for the Maple Harvest Festival in March! Nevertheless, there is always plenty to enjoy at Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center.



Coming up in less than one week is Kids Corner! If you are a cooped up parent (due to the colder weather) and want to do some outdoor activities with your little one, Kids Corner would be a remarkable experience for you and your child! Every Wednesday from 10am-noon you and your toddler can explore the mysterious colors of nature. We will investigate a new color every week as well as the different plants, animals, and spaces associated with those colors. There will be games, activities, stories, and crafts! We may have a visiting character every week, a mural, or puppet shows! If you can’t make it on Wednesday, don’t worry! You may come at any time to do the Kids Corner activities unassisted! Just look for the bright green and yellow sign in the Discovery Room.


~ Cassi “Twister” Reimer, Fall Intern 2011