Zero Waste Czars mandate no trash at THIS festival!

The Green Team here at Shaver’s Creek is dedicated to finding ways to conserve resources and divert garbage that goes to landfills.  This year, we got rid of our trash dumpster in favor of sorting ALL of our commodities so that they can be recycled or composted.  The results of our efforts are obvious from this photograph of Rob Andrejewski, leader of zero waste efforts, single-handedly holding the entirety of our “trash” generated Saturday at our Fall Harvest Festival:


Over 500 people visited Shaver’s Creek that Saturday, and most of what slipped through our sorting threshold were juice boxes!  Zero Waste Czars (AKA volunteers wearing awesome new t-shirts donated by Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant Waste Management Team) helped visitors sort recycling and compost into our Zero Waste Zambonies (recycling stations on wheels) and inform folks of neat projects like TerraCycle.

Special thanks to our vendors for cooperating with us, our volunteer Czars, and of course our visitors for a wonderful and exceptionally resourceful festival!  Here’s to zero bags in 2012!

— Rutabaga, Fall Intern 2011