What Comes After Thanksgiving

Here it is again, friends.  Arriving as planned.  Winter is coming, it has inched its way in, starting with a few overnight frosts and cold rains.  The daylight hours grow scarce, the sun gets a little weaker.  Old leaves sink a little further into the ground.  The hiking trails around Shaver’s Creek have become lovely shades of brown and soft gray.  The salamanders, caterpillars, all the winter birds are preparing themselves for the next good freeze.


Even the indoor animals here at the Creek are getting ready for winter.  Three toads live here, in the Discovery Room, all of whom have started burrowing down under the woodchips to stay warm.  The snakes and turtles are eating less, sometimes just once a week.  Even inside a room that holds a constant 70 degrees, they still follow that ache for hibernation. Instinct wins once again!


Actually, the same could be said for us—the human folk.  Just like every other animal, our bodies are getting ready to settle in a bit, to rest awhile.  It is time to slow down.   No matter what you’re doing this season, you could use a break.  A bowl of hot soup and an early bedtime starts to look really good.  And, so, here it is again, friends. Thanksgiving approaches; the daylight hours grow scarce.  Maybe you’ll find some way to channel your inner toad, burrow in and rest during the Thanksgiving season.


Happy Harvest wishes from the staff at Shaver’s Creek,


Johanna “Juniper” Jackson
Fall 2011 Intern