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I admit it, wreath making is fun


It was with a tiny bit of hesitation that I agreed to make a wreath.

It is with no hesitation that I can now say, an hour later, wrangling a 15 foot grapevine into a compact circle, tying Spruce and Pine needles around it, and adorning the thing with additional herbal accessories is really quite fun.

You, too, can experience the joy of wreath making here at Shaver’s Creek!  This Saturday, December 3, from 10 AM to 3 PM, join us for some hands-on plant twisting, poking, and gluing, and head home with a wonderful wreath.  Although we have plenty of materials, we have a limited number of glue guns and hand pruners, so please bring those tools if you have them.  The fee per wreath, bouquet or swag is $7.50, and $5.00 for members.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this video of our very own Matt Marsden on Central PA Live!

Happy Wreath-making!

— Rutabaga, Fall Intern 2011