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Chip Bag Brigade!


Cassi “Twister” Reimer’s discovery of TerraCycle’s “how to make a fancy bow out of food wrappers” has inspired three things, to date.  A lively craft session, full of Middleswarth and Utz and Toll House cookie wrappers, documented in a previous post, was the first.  Second was an appearance on Central PA Live, where the process is explained on video in under five minutes (bookmark it for the next time you want to make a fun bow!).  Third, due to these prior events, we have attracted the attention of TerraCycle – who has kindly offered us a spot on their Chip Bag Brigade, which we’ve been pining for since joining!  Thanks, TerraCycle!

If you don’t know what TerraCycle is, it’s a great way to to send unwanted materials like candy bar wrappers, chip bags, and juice boxes off to a better life than one crammed in a landfill.  These materials are “upcycled” into products like tote bags, wallets, toys, and office supplies. You can even earn some credit for each item you send.  But TerraCycle currently only has the resources to process so many shipments, so there are waiting lists for joining many of the different material “brigades.”  (All the more reason to check it out sooner, rather than later!)

So, for all you TerraCyclers out there – keep it up, and post your upcycled craft projects to the ‘net!  You never know who might come across it.