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Fun at Farm Show


Here at Farm Show many of the Shaver’s Creek staff past and present have come together for a week long affair to teach about Pennsylvania’s native creatures. Farm Show is a week long annual event in Harrisburg celebrating the state’s agriculture, diversity and culture. Families, farmers and many more gather to watch livestock competitions, enjoy scrumptious food, explore exhibits and of course to check out the Shaver’s Creek booth!


Shaver’s Creek has been present at Farm Show for twenty years now. Each year we bring many of our educational animals including turtles, frogs, snakes and birds of prey. We also have a special monarch butterfly exhibit this year with monarch caterpillars, chrysalises and adult butterflies! You may also get the chance to see and learn about these animals up close during one of our animal presentations!


If you are in the neighborhood be sure to visit the 97th annual Farm Show and stop by the Shaver’s Creek booth!

~ Chrysalis, former Shaver’s Creek intern