The Fungi Forum: Thanksgiving

In the spirit of appreciation, I would like to share a few things about Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center that I sincerely appreciate.

I appreciate that each day when I come to work, I am empowered. Here at Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, it takes a whole village to keep the ship sailing smoothly, be the waters raging or calm. The strength of the Shaver’s Creek village is a composite of the strengths of the individual members and their healthy relationships with each other and the natural world. Everyone out here has a desire to learn about and connect with the natural world. This desire is matched by a desire to share what we know and to connect others.

I appreciate the openness and positivity that fills the air at Shaver’s Creek. I appreciate the space for growth here. I also appreciate the flexibility of the Shaver’s Creek community members. In tune with the rhythms of the natural world, Shaver’s Creek Environmental center is a dynamic hub of teaching and learning. Internet outages, 90 degree and 90% humidity days, and loss of air conditioning in Poet’s Corner are hardly enough to weaken spirits around here. I appreciate the time our director, Mark McLaughlin, takes to thank staff and supporters every year. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with more and more great people each and every day. I appreciate being a part of a special time and place. I would appreciate if you as a valued reader would take some time in your days to reflect on whatever you appreciate and are grateful for. I would also appreciate if you then paid your appreciation and gratitude forward.

One last bit. If you have or have not been out to Shaver’s Creek, I would encourage you to visit and get to know the people and place. We would appreciate it. (Just not this Thursday or Friday, when we’ll all be at home appreciating time with our friends and family.)