Congratulations 2015 Birding Cup Champions!

Pencils down at 7:00 p.m. Saturday — the 24th hour of the Birding Cup has come and gone. Collectively, 186 species were seen or heard—a wonderful species count with many highlights. Now it’s time to declare the winners!

The Birding Cup goes to:
Raiders of the Lost Lark Part II: In Search of the Holy Rail — Paul Brigman, Will Malan, and Kevin Ber! Their relentless energy and finely-tuned ears led them to ultimate victory.


The County Cup goes to:
Bad Optics — Laurie McLaughlin, Mark McLaughlin, Doug Wentzel, and Matt Shumar! This team acquired the most species in one county, Huntingdon.


The Birding Boot goes to:
Red Rumped Irruptives — Joshua Potter, Jeremy Bean, Mik Oyler, Dave Miller, and Nathan Holmes! They put no pedal to the metal, but instead put their shoes on bike pedals to get the most species with entirely human-powered transportation.


The Potter Mug goes to:
Gone Pishing — Mark Bonta, Ian McGregor, and Catherine Kilgus! This group of newcomers should have their eyes set on the Birding Cup soon!

Gone Pishing

Thanks to everyone who tweeted along with us using #BirdingCup and supported our adventurous birders with pledges and morale boosts. A full species list can be found here. Enjoy this fun montage of (almost!) all of this year’s participants. It really takes a whole community to make an event like this work, so thank you all for your continued support!

Birding Cup Montage 2015

It’s not too late to make a donation! This year’s donations will benefit an initiative to partner with landowners interested in turning their yards into homes for native species, as well as installing nest boxes at the center and in the surrounding Stone Valley Forest. These will serve as habitat conservation models for cavity nesting species such as Eastern Bluebirds, Eastern Screech-Owls, and Wood Ducks around the edge of the recently-refilled Lake Perez!

Make A Donation

Thank you to our 2015 Birding Cup sponsors: Wiscoy for Animals, Lost Creek Optics, Appalachian Outdoors, Purple Lizard Maps, Benjamin’s Catering, Collegiate Pride, Envinity, Dix Honda, and Nikon!

Big thanks also go to our Birding Cup support unit, who transitions Shaver’s Creek from the very popular Native Plant Festival earlier in the day to a welcoming place for weary birders to arrive, check in with their pledges and checklists, and enjoy some great food.


Keep the birding spirit alive! Just because Birding Cup has come to a close doesn’t mean the birding should stop. Get out there and express your avian excitement!



Here’s the full list of teams, participants, and their results!

Potter Mug:

The Sleeping Buteos (62)
Kristen Balschunat
Ella Velazquez
Lisa Balschunat
Linda White

Osprey Can You See (68)
Joel Wagner
Brandon Sterner
Nick Schmidt
Trey Santo
Will Brandenberger

Finch Charming (82)
Colleen Fisher
Ben Simons
Emily Anne Moore
Andy Hayes

24mph (85)
Danielle Roslevich
Max Olsen
Alison Cook

Indigo Hunting (96)
Bill Jester
Christie Jester
Zach Jester
Caleb Jester
Greg Herman
Matthew Herman
Emma Herman

Gone Pishing (100)
Mark Bonta
Ian McGregor
Catherine Kilgus

Birding Boot

Timberdoodles (10)
Jessi Tancraitor
Troy Tancraitor
Evan Tancraitor
Molly Tancraitor
Katy Dirle
Tim Stoddard
Danielle Dirle
Angela Dirle

2/3 Rufous (46)
Johanna Jackson
Stoff Scott

101 Ways to Use A Shoveler (100)
Jon Kauffman
Matt Marsden
Gabby Bedeian
Lucy McClain
Andrea Ferich

Huntingdon Hawkeyes (110)
Greg Grove
Deb Grove
Lewis Grove
Dennis McGillicuddy
Laurie McGillicuddy

Red-Rumped Irruptives (118)
Joshua Potter
Jeremy Bean
Mik Oyler
Dave Miller
Nathan Holmes

County Cup

Gone With the Wren (111—Centre)
Roana Fuller
Susan Braun
Jen Lee
Nan Butkovich
Diane Bierly

Juniata Juncos (112—Juniata)
Chad Kauffman
Annette Mathes
Aden Troyer
Ramsay Koury

Wigeon Vision (113—Centre)
Alyssia Church
Brian Schmoke
Joseph Bellehumeur
Benjamin Vizzachero

Shrike Psyche (113—Huntingdon)
Gordon Dimmig
Zach Millen
Zachary Adams

Bad Optics (126—Huntingdon)
Laurie McLaughlin
Mark McLaughlin
Doug Wentzel
Matt Shumar

Birding Cup

Purple R.R. Martin’s Larks of Winterfell (77)
Justin Raymond
Alex Wertz
Matt Colapietro
Chip Taylor

IGOR/Variants (87)
Steve Back
Andy Back
Abby Back
Jim Hamilton
Lorraine Hamilton

Hawkward Turtles (89)
Matt Toenies
Kim Serno
Abigail Barenblitt
Lillie Langlois
Janet Ellsworth

No Egrets (91)
Steve Krahling
Arouet Krahling
Ian Krahling
Nicole Krahling

Tick McGreer & the Kickers (115)
Brian Sedgwick
Brad Peroney
Bill Voigt
Jerod Skebo
Ralph Crewe

Wing Nuts (124)
Chris Rebert
Jarred Woolsey
John Kevern
Jason Beale
Jon Smink

Raiders of the Lost Lark pt. II — In Search of the Holy Rail (140)
Paul Brigman
Will Malan
Kevin Ber

Post by Justin Raymond, with photos by Jen Bean and Elana Carroll.