To accommodate construction, Shaver's Creek Environmental Center will be closed Tuesday, May 28, through Thursday, May 30.

Thirteen Years and Counting

I have been volunteering at Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center since the summer of 2006. Since then I have had to learn new methods to present programs to the public, especially as Shaver’s Creek has been renovated to enhance the visitor experience. For me, the one thing that has remained constant is my passion for this work. I can be enduring one of my absolute worst days and I will still ensure that my presentations will contain the same zeal as if I am having one of my best days ever. Here are my reasons why I enjoy being an environmental educator.

A sense of community

Being an environmental educator has allowed me to meet and to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. I am proud to be a part of an organization that promotes the love of nature to the public.

Collaborating with others

I have been afforded dozens of opportunities to share a program’s stage with fellow volunteers, students, interns, guest speakers, staff and faculty. Over the years I have cultivated new friendships as well as reconnected with people who return to perform a program with me. Every time I am given a presentation opportunity, I look forward to assembling, rehearsing and performing with my co-hosts or show partners.

Personal Growth

Over the last thirteen years, my sustained interactions and connections with program co-hosts, show partners and audience members have motivated me to improve my presentation techniques. The long hours of assembling shows, learning new training methods and rehearsing new program material have paid off. I am more enthusiastic than ever to continue this volunteer venture.

Sharing my knowledge

I simply enjoy talking about and teaching our audiences about astronomy, amphibians, reptiles, raptors, and owl prowls. I am pleased when I meet people who remember me from programs I appeared in and they repeat factoids I mentioned during those programs. Plus, every past program I have participated in has helped me improve my performances for future shows or has been the inspiration of new programs I help create.

Sharing my passion

Being an environmental educator has given me the opportunity to shine in public speaking to deliver educational, fun and informative facts about whatever topic I am presenting. The Shaver’s Creek slogan, posted on the back of the nature center’s archway entrance, “Never Stop Discovering”, solidifies this passion for delivering nature concepts to our audiences.