Celebrate Owls That Call Central Pennsylvania Home This OWLtober at Shaver’s Creek!

Owls have long fascinated us with their enigmatic ways and haunting vocalizations. Portrayed widely throughout much of our pop-culture references as everything from messengers carrying letters to magical castles to omens of doom to come, owls make their way into our everyday lives frequently, often without further consideration. Have you ever been called a ‘night owl’ for preferring to stay up late? Or perhaps you’ve been called ‘wise as an owl’ after offering sage advice. Our very language shapes perceptions about these incredible birds; but is it true that owls burn the midnight oil and bear deep cosmic knowledge or universal secrets?

Side view of a Barred Owl

There is much that experts still don’t fully understand about these elusive birds, but new research and study methods are beginning to shed some light on owl behaviors and, in particular, their vocalizations. Once thought of as ‘simple,’ owl vocalizations are proving to be incredibly complex conveyors of information about their vocalist. In her book, “What an Owl Knows,” author and avian expert Jennifer Ackerman shares that new research suggests that owls can share highly detailed information about their individual identity, including their gender, size, and state of mind, just through their vocalizations. She goes on to say that owls can recognize each other by voice, alone. What a hoot!

OWLtober Events

Join us this OWLtober as we celebrate these remarkable creatures and their superpowers! Beginning Saturday, October 7, our aviary programs will explore what it means to be an owl and offer an opportunity to get to know the owls that call Shaver’s Creek home.

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.

We hope to see you this OWLtober at the Creek!