Paige Sutherland featured on The Avian Behavior Podcast

Our very own Paige Sutherland, wildlife education and engagement program director, recently had the honor of being invited to sit down with Hillary Hankey on The Avian Behavior Podcast. Hillary is a world-renowned animal behavior consultant, falconer, and educator. She has been a consultant for Paige and her team since we welcomed Sunny in early summer 2023 and holds a special affinity for a few of our favorite avian friends, as you will hear! What a tremendous honor to have Paige and her work at Shaver’s Creek showcased in this way!

Hillary and Paige talk about career paths, building and maintaining a robust and meaningful student experience, and a few of our favorite avian ambassadors.

Thank you, Paige, for the impact and inspiration your dedication and passion bring to our Shaver’s Creek community and far beyond!