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Migration Morning Bird Walks

Fall is a fantastic time to get outside to search for the numerous bird species migrating through central Pennsylvania. Due to the coronavirus outbreak we will continue gathering and birding remotely for now, but we look forward to getting back together at Shaver’s Creek for Migration Morning walks soon!

Starting Wednesday, September 2, 2020, you are once again invited to use digital tools like Zoom and eBird to go birding with us, from wherever you are. From 7:00–7:15 a.m., join naturalists Doug Wentzel and Joshua Potter on Zoom to compare notes about what migrants we have all seen and heard returning, share updates from the Stone Mountain Hawkwatch, and connect with other fellow birders around the Centre region or maybe around the world!

After our Zoom check-in, we will all log off to go about our separate birding ways, using eBird to track those birds we see and hear in our yards and natural places near us. Please share each eBird checklist you submit with “shaverscreek” so we can compile a list from all of our efforts.

If you would like, log back into Zoom at 8:30 a.m. to share highlights from your walk before getting on with your day!

If all goes well, we will continue to offer this most Wednesdays through September. Read below for more information on using eBird and Zoom:


The most important tool that we ask you to download to your mobile device is eBird, put out by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. There is a powerful web version of eBird as well, but the app allows for dynamic tracking of your birding efforts in the field. The Cornell Lab has great tutorials on their website to help get you started. Learn more about eBird.

After you create your morning checklist(s) of the birds you see in backyards and natural places, please share each list with Shaver’s Creek’s “shaverscreek” eBird account before you submit it, allowing us to compile all of the species seen during Migration Morning. (While reviewing your checklist before submission, click the person icon under “Observers” to increase your observers to “2”. Then click “Share checklist with…” when it appears below the Observers box. Type “shaverscreek” in the “eBird usernames” field and hit “Done”. Continue reviewing and submitting your checklist.)


The next tool we recommend is Zoom. A Zoom meeting room will be available for participants to join at the beginning and end of each “walk.” Sign up for Zoom here or look for Zoom in the App Store. We will include a Zoom link in each Wednesday’s event page.

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