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Mending Box Turtles and Making Renovations!

The action doesn’t stop on the weekends!

This Saturday, Julianne and I were preparing to paint a hallway at the intern house (commonly known as The Roost). We sanded the walls, picked out our paint, and prepared for a fun day of groovy tunes and mediocre art. Suddenly, we got a phone call from Brian at Shaver’s Creek, alerting us that a turtle had been found with a cracked shell, and somebody had to take it to the Centre Wildlife Care facility.

Julianne and I picked up the turtle and drove it out to Port Matilda, where it could get the help and care that it needed. After it has healed, it will be released on Red Rose Road, where it was found.

Once the turtle commotion was taken care of, we finally got around to painting the hallway. Below you can see pictures of the box turtle and the new hallway.

– Juniper, Summer 2010 Intern

3 thoughts on “Mending Box Turtles and Making Renovations!

  1. I loved being an intern at Shaver’s Creek! I believe my bedroom was at the end of this hallway. That particular summer(2004/5 I think?) I recall there being an ant invasion, a flooded basement, and quite a few mice that wanted to hang out in my bedroom. The hallway looks great!!

  2. Me too – loved my time at the Roost in the woods (winter spring 2008). My room was to the right of the photographer and I recall flooding and mice and bear trying to get on the back porch.

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