The Night Skies of Petersburg

One of the many advantages of being an intern at Shaver's Creek and living in the countryside of central Pennsylvania is the ability to enjoy clear, starry night skies.  Over the past week or so I have braved the cold and ventured out into the dark woods surrounding the intern house, The Roost, to photograph the nighttime scenery.  Here are a few shots from my recent late night adventures.  As a new moon approaches and the sky grows darker I hope to capture more starry images, so stay tuned…

T. Wolf, Fall 2010 Intern

5 thoughts on “The Night Skies of Petersburg

  1. Wow, those are absolutely amazing Timber Wolf!!! You really should go into photography (provided, of course, that you want to). Have you seen the work of the photographer Jim Brandenburg? Your pictures remind me of some of his shots…..You can check out his website at: if you have not seen his work.

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