Block Trip 2011 Begins

The air is crisp and cold as it meets our lungs.  We lumber out of the vans stretching our legs and working out the kinks from our 10 hour drive.  As we take in a deep breath of New England winter air we look up to see thousands of stars and Orion’s belt dangling overhead.  Eyes are darting, taking in the wonders of Hulbert Outdoor Center.  It will be our home for the next couple days as we start our journey through New England in search of natural wonders.

– Jen Bean, Program Director

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2 thoughts on “Block Trip 2011 Begins

  1. It is so incredibly cold.  I cannot imagine a colder or more clear night! Mark @ -11 F and still dropping…. On 1/24/11 8:35 PM, "Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center" <> wrote:

  2. I bet the stars are amazing! One of my favorite parts of the block trip. The cold is not my favorite part 😉

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