Amphibians Alive!

Here at Shaver’s Creek the amphibians are out and about! At our Frog Pond in the front yard red-spotted newts, wood frogs and their egg masses are in abundance. Spring is officially upon us and the amphibians have come out from hibernation and are becoming active once again. Red-spotted newts, identified by their brown/yellow skin have two rows of red spots on their backs and can be found throughout Pennsylvania. In their adult form they prefer still streams and ponds, while feeding on eggs and larvae of amphibians, crustaceans and mollusks.
Wood frogs have also been spotted here at Shaver’s Creek singing their chorus! They can be identified by a dark mask that covers their eye and extends along the side of their head. Wood frogs usually lay their eggs in March by external fertilization in slow moving ponds and streams (see below for picture). They become more terrestrial in the summer months and forage on a variety of insects and small invertebrates. It is truly an exciting time here at the Creek!

Chrysalis Spring 2011 Intern

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