Space Explorers

No matter how old you are, looking up at the stars at night always seems to put things in perspective.  How many stars are out there?  What do those planets look like through a telescope? What if I’m just a tiny speck inside a giant vacuum…?

NightwoodsmoonWell, if you like stars, planets, and existential questions, (or even if you want to skip the existential part), then you might like to explore the night sky with us on Friday, February 10th!  Astronomer Jason Young, a friend of Shaver’s Creek and an expert on the night sky, will bring his telescope and a wealth of knowledge on to Shaver’s Creek. For only $5—or free if you’re a member—you can join us in wondering, oogling, and imagining the world of space. It’s a steal either way.  There will activities for kids ages 8 and up, as well as guided sky viewing and a chance to look through the telescope.

If you’re interested, give us a call to register ahead of time: (814) 863-2000.

Please dress for the winter weather!  We’ll have a fire going, but it gets cold out there!

SunsetFriday, February 10th from 5 to 7 pm
$5 for non-members, free for members

Thank you to our members for making this program possible.

-Johanna “Juniper” Jackson
Spring 2012 Intern

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  1. <tr><td>Please give me a call if the fee of $5 can possibly be waived for my family.  I have two boys that would like to learn what’s out there on your lecture, but we’d barely have enough gas money to travel there from our hometown.  (Lewistown)  We are very much interested, but would need some help with funding.  Thank you.  I’m sorry we are not members right now.  We’d even be happy to help out with any volunteering work that needs done.  724-787-6630—</td></tr>

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