Zero Waste Facility

Shaver’s Creek has embarked on the road to becoming a Zero Waste facility. We look to nature, where nothing is wasted, as our guide as we strive to eliminate material sent to the landfill.

What Is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste means that we reduce, reuse, recycle, or compost nearly all of the materials we utilize. Our ultimate goal is to send NO GARBAGE TO THE LANDFILL.

Zero Waste Watch #2 — 12% Energy Challenge

Why Zero Waste?

As a society, we produce tons of trash in the form of plastic containers, packaging, and a seemingly endless variety of disposable items. Much of this waste ends up in the landfill, where it not only costs money to dispose of, but also damages our environment. We believe that anything that can be reused, recycled, or composted should be.

How Does Zero Waste Work at Shaver’s Creek?

Our first and biggest step toward Zero Waste was removing our trash dumpster. This forced us to find new avenues for our waste and to think creatively in terms of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Here are some other actions we’ve taken to meet our goal:

  • partnered with the Office of Physical Plant to take part in the No Can Do project, which allows Shaver’s Creek to recycle or compost nearly all of our waste
  • installed a large compost container that is regularly taken to the Penn State Organic Materials Processing and Education Center (OMPEC)
  • send materials that can be repurposed to Terracycle, an innovative company based in Trenton, NJ, that uses our waste to create new products
  • made a commitment to buying in bulk and reducing our purchases, while limiting and reusing products as much as possible
  • contract with catering companies and food providers that also make a commitment to reducing waste and abiding by Shaver’s Creek’s Zero Waste policies
  • installed new drinking fountains to reduce the need for bottled water
  • switched to energy-efficient and longer-lasting light bulbs in all of our buildings
  • built portable carts with several recycling and compost receptacles, (known as “Zero Waste Zambonis”) to facilitate the collection of waste materials during our special events, with Volunteers wearing “Zero Waste Czar” jerseys to inform visitors of our initiative and help sort waste

As a visitor, you do make a difference and can help us achieve our goal of becoming a Zero Waste facility. Whether you’re coming for a school program, special event, team development retreat, or just for a visit, please read these steps you can take to prepare for your visit. Your participation is appreciated! We hope to educate, inspire, and empower the community through our actions. Read our Tips for a Zero Waste Lifestyle that you can practice at home.

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