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Cole Farm

Cole Farm is a site that Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory (SSHCZO) uses to extrapolate data to better understand the whole watershed. There is also interdisciplinary work being done at Cole Farm that is valuable to our understanding of the critical zone.

What Is a Critical Zone and What Is the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory

The critical zone is “an environment where rock, soil, water, air, and living organisms interact and shape the Earth’s surface” (The Critical Zone). It supports all terrestrial life on Earth, regulates water quality, and provides fertile land to grow food on.

Binocs on the Rocks

The 10:20 plane from Dulles motors over the Pennsylvania ridges. Below, nestled among the rocks on a powerline cut sit a handful of people, so bundled against the cold they hardly look like people. The pilot gives a squint. “Those crazy hawk watchers are back.”

The Re-Terns Return

The Re-Terns had representation in the Centre region, as well as in Washington State, in North Carolina, and somewhere along the Appalachian Trail. Our intern class was so glad to get the opportunity to bird together again thanks to the Birding Cup’s global approach!

Return of the Global Birding Cup

All told, more than 130 birders, forming 32 teams, counted 276 unique species across 20 U.S. states and Guatemala. Whether these individuals were celebrating over two decades of participation or were picking up binoculars for the first time, everyone generously gave an entire day to raise money!