Amphibian Life Cycle Adventures

Choose your own adventure to explore amphibians!

Recommended for: Grade 3
Estimated time: 10–20 minutes

Choose your own adventure by doing one or more of the activities below to explore an amphibian’s life cycle! Each activity can stand alone or build upon the others.

Materials Needed

Amphibian habitat scavenger hunt:

  • None

Streams & Roads board game:

Make your own vernal pool:

  • Coloring tools
  • paper
  • chalk
  • other household items

Helpful Information

  • An amphibian is a cold-blooded animal with a backbone that can live on land or in the water. Frogs, toads, salamanders and newts are all amphibians!
  • View the amphibian life cycle.
  • Amphibians prefer a cool, wet habitat.
  • Vernal pools are temporary bodies of water that provide habitat for amphibians.

Activity Options

Amphibian Habitat Scavenger Hunt:

Encourage your participant to hop around the yard in search of the ideal habitat for an amphibian. Amphibians like cool, wet locations. Learn more with our Amphibian Habitat Search activity.

Streams & Roads Board Game:

Make your way through the life cycle of a frog in a “Chutes & Ladders”-like board game. Streams move you up the board and roads move you down. Not able to print? Make your own version by creating the board with your participant!

Make Your Own Vernal Pool:

Have you heard about vernal pools? Check out the video for more information! Introduce the idea of the temporary body of water to your participant, and invite them to create their own with crayons, chalk, household items or whatever inspires them!

Indoor Modification

All of these activities can be done indoors and outdoors. Rainy days make for perfect weather for an amphibian habitat!

For Further Discovery…

Have your participant create their own amphibian creature! They can draw, sculpt, or paint their own amphibian with wild adaptations. Get creative!