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Weather Watchers

Observe the weather and record your observations!

Recommended for: Grades K–5
Estimated time: 10 minutes daily

Observe the weather and record observations using a weather chart, weather bingo card, and/or weather journal!

Materials Needed

Printed copies of:


  • Paper to make your own journal, card, or chart

Activity Options


Print the weather journal (PDF) and follow instructions in the video to assemble it. You can also make your own journal by folding a few pieces of paper in half together. Observe the weather each day and record your notes and drawings in your journal.


Print the weather bingo board (PDF) or create your own. Observe the weather each day and mark a corresponding box on the bingo board with an “X” and the date. Celebrate when you get bingo or see if you can check off all of the boxes.

Weather Chart:

Print the weather chart (PDF) or create your own. Observe the weather each day and record your observations in the calendar using notes or drawings.

Indoor Modification

If you’re not able to get outside to observe the weather each day, find a window to observe from indoors!

For Further Discovery…

Keep a weather journal or chart for a whole year! What changes do you notice throughout the year? Which changes did you expect? Were there any changes that were unexpected? What patterns did you notice?