To accommodate construction, Shaver's Creek Environmental Center will be closed Tuesday, May 28, through Thursday, May 30.

The Grand (Re)Opening

With winter programs happening at Shaver’s Creek like wreath-making and the Solstice Sale & Stroll, it may not seem like we are closed to the general public – but in fact we were, for a couple of months, at least.  Of course the staff has been busy – teaching classes both here and on campus, training spring interns, taking care of animals… the fun never stops here.  We even drew in a crowd of 50 with the Space Explorers program last week!  Still, with winter we have been technically “closed”…until now, that is.

Tomorrow, we’re open for real, which includes the trails, parking, and offices.  Want to see some rabbit prints in the snow? Or visit our new Leopard Frog? Stop by the office and see what’s new!  You can even pick up a new trail map, which makes for an easy winter walk.

If you have young kids in the house, (ages 2-4), you can stop by tomorrow for Kids Corner at 10.  We’ll kick off spring with the theme of “water.”  Come back every Wednesday for the taste of another element: earth, wind, water, and sky- collect ’em all!    For older kids, the summer camp registration is now open for non-members.  We still have lots of spots available -check it out!

Shaver’s Creek map

-Johanna “Juniper” Jackson, Spring 2012 Intern