URSA Service Experience

The Adventure of AURORA — Through Service!URSA

We hear you; you wanna go on an expedition but you just can’t imagine doing number two in the woods. To help out, we developed URSA to deliver a similar AURORA experience, only through community service instead of wilderness exploration. We all know how good it feels to make a difference in a community! Since 2000, hundreds of students just like you have made a huge impact through URSA. Spanning five days, URSA will have you teaming up with your peers to give back, all while earning three credits and easing the transition into college. Offered only to first-year students starting at University Park.

During URSA, You’ll…

  • Earn perspective and understanding through service
  • Engage in fun, challenging outdoor experiences
  • Meet other incoming students and explore while serving together
  • See firsthand the effects of your service
  • Foster your personal wellness; bolster your self-esteem
  • Discover a stronger appreciation for local communities
  • Gain insight into life at Penn State and how to succeed

Wanna Know More?

All of our expeditions are unique in their own way. Take a look at URSA’s frequently asked questions to learn more about our State College–based service experience.

Registration Information

URSA Fall Week 1:
August 12–16, 2024

URSA Fall Week 2:
August 19–23, 2024

$295 class fee



Essential Information Packets

Download the Essential Information Packet to prepare for your adventure.

URSA Fall 1 (PDF)

URSA Fall 2 (PDF)