Birding Cup Participant Registration

We’re thrilled you want to celebrate biodiversity by joining others to bird in Central Pennsylvania and across the globe. No, you do not need to be an expert birder to join in!

Step 1: Know the Rules

Before you register, please make sure you have read the official Birding Cup Rules and Regulations that all participants must follow.

Step 2: Register Below

Please use the Birding Cup Registration Form below if you are the captain of a team registering to compete in one of the five Birding Cup categories or if you are registering as part of the noncompetitive Global Community of birders.

Note to team captains: Teams must be registered by April 30. Although team entry is free, because this is Shaver’s Creek’s only annual fundraiser, teams must raise at least $200 to be eligible to win their respective category.

Step 3: Raise Money for Shaver’s Creek!

After completing the registration form, a customized fundraising page will be created on the Birding Cup fundraising site for both global birders and teams competing locally. Please share your team link on social media to have friends and family sponsor your team’s 24-hour birding adventure, while also supporting Shaver’s Creek.

Questions about the Birding Cup, including this fundraising platform, may be emailed to Doug Wentzel at

2024 Birding Cup Registration Form