Social Media and More

At Shaver’s Creek we strive to use technology, multimedia, and social media, when appropriate, to help serve our mission to connect people to people, and people to the natural world.

Check out these sites for the latest news, videos, photos, and happenings at Shaver’s Creek and in the natural world!

The Creek Journals

The Creek Journals, also known as the Long-term Ecological Reflections Project (LTERP), is our 100-year record of eight different sites surrounding Shaver’s Creek. We’ve invited authors, artists, photographers, musicians, and anyone else to record their reflections in and about sites like Twin Bridges, the Raptor Center, and Lake Perez.


Whether it’s a phenological sighting or a classic picture from the archive, our Photo-a-Day provides your daily dose of Shaver’s Creek imagery. Check out the full archive of pictures dating back to January 1, 2012.


Like us on Facebook for Shaver’s Creek updates directly to your Facebook news feed, to see comments and photos from visitors, and to stay connected with others who like Shaver’s Creek. Visit out our Caretaker Corps Facebook page for updates on volunteering and work projects. Incoming Penn State students may be interested in the Facebook page for our ORION Wilderness Orientation Program.


Follow us on Twitter to stay on top of Shaver’s Creek news as it happens, from the latest blog posts to the photo of the day!

Naturalist Notebook Blog

Our Naturalist Notebook blog is full of posts about programming, interesting updates, and natural history happenings — written by staff and interns. Check out the archives to catch up on what’s been happening at Shaver’s Creek!


Geocaching is a great reason to get outside and explore with friends and family. Use a handheld GPS or smartphone to discover hidden caches—and amazing places, as a result. We are adding geocaches to complement each of our LTERP sites; check them out on


Keep up with the goings-on around the Creek with our Instagram feed! Enjoy behind-the-scenes photos, wildlife snapshots, and much more.


We love audio! Check out our Soundcloud page for recordings in the field, LTERP musings, and our Incus & Iris Podcast—bringing focus to the sights and sounds of the natural world.


Our YouTube channel is an outlet for videos produced here at Shaver’s Creek that highlight various programs or share natural history concepts.